Friday, August 3, 2012

Agent of Change

I made a new friend last week. His name is Eric Wowoh. He is from Liberia, West Africa, but he lives and works about half the year in Lafayette. He came to Lafayette through a sponsorship program for refuges. Eric survived the civil wars that have swept over West Africa for the last few decades and now he is dedicated to helping the people of Liberia. He does this through the love of Jesus and his organization, Change Agent Network.

Todd and I had dinner with Eric and another couple from our church and he told us of his journey. It is a remarkable story that I cannot hope to tell as well as Eric. You can read it for yourself on his website. But, one thing he said that has stayed with me is this: " It is not my story, it is His story. This is the part I am to play."

And, isn't that the beautiful thing about all of our stories? They really aren't ours; they are His...a story of grace, mercy, redemption, repentance, hope, and love. In the weaving together of all our stories, we get His.

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