Friday, March 9, 2012

Made It!

Well, I made it to Haiti.

We left Lafayette this morning at 2:00 and drove to New Orleans for our flight to Miami. From Miami, we boarded a plane for Port Au Prince. Once on the ground in Port Au Prince, we took a bus to Cayes. The total time in the air was shorter than the bus ride! The ride through Haiti was unlike anything I had experienced before. There is still quite a bit of rubble from the earthquake, although some rebuilding has been done. The people seem to be packed in to little "neighborhoods" filled with tiny houses. It is amazing to me that so many people can live in such a small area.

Our time in Cayes will be spent at the mission guest house. Here we have electricity (and wifi) and running water. We had a delicious meal prepared by the guest house staff and we are quite comfortable. Tomorrow we will drive another hour to the church where we will spend our time serving.

I am excited to be here, but must confess to a little homesickness. I miss Todd and the boys terribly! Please keep us in your prayers. One of our teammates is not feeling well and we are all tired from our long day. Good night!

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