Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Special Day

Although we celebrated Curt's birthday a few days ago, today is a special day, as well.
Today is the day we brought Curt home. I remember the little white outfit he was wearing and his fuzz of red hair. I remember how tiny he was and how fair his skin was. I remember driving into the driveway and seeing all of the grandparents waiting outside for us. I remember the ultimate love a young girl had for her baby when she placed him in my arms.
Today is the day I became a mom.


Deidra said...

Thanks for sharing Karen...that last line just brought tears to my eyes ! Curt is so blessed to have yall for parents !!!

Bruce, Erin, Lillian and Elisha said...

Yay! I cried too! but i don't really count. I'm super emotional these days. I'm glad y'all had an awesome day. And I'm very impressed with your cake making skills! Great job!