Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gran's Turn

Well, I have slacked off a bit with the Disney World faves, so I'll just pick up where I left off. Today it is Gran's turn. I'm excited about her favorites, because they are different from anyone else's.

One of Gran's faves was a show in Epcot called Turtle Talk with Crush. It is an interactive show involving Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo. When you first walk into the theatre, you think you will be watching a movie. But then you find out that the actor voicing the part of Crush can see the audience. He usually picks a few people out of the crowd to talk to and that particular day he chose Todd and Curt. Dude, it was, like, totally awesome!

The other favorite thing of Gran's was the food. We had the Disney Dining Plan, so we ate at more table-service restaurants than we ever have before. Some of the highlights were the Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom, Marekesh in Epcot, and the Beirgarten in Epcot. The food was fantastic at all of them, but the Yak and Yeti was probably the best.

One of MY favorite things about Marekesh in Morocco was the belly dancer inviting all of the children to join her. Jack was one of the first ones on the dance floor!

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