Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End...

Of the Disney posts!! I thought that since we went a month ago, I should put an end to the Disney faves.

Today, I'm combining Todd's and mine. Since it was hard for me to get Todd to tell me his faves, I've decided to let the pictures do the talking.

And, this one says it all...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Scream, You Scream...

we all scream for ice cream!!

Here in the Pullin household, we have a tradition of having ice cream for breakfast on the first day of school and the last day of school. What better way to officially kick off the summer?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gran's Turn

Well, I have slacked off a bit with the Disney World faves, so I'll just pick up where I left off. Today it is Gran's turn. I'm excited about her favorites, because they are different from anyone else's.

One of Gran's faves was a show in Epcot called Turtle Talk with Crush. It is an interactive show involving Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo. When you first walk into the theatre, you think you will be watching a movie. But then you find out that the actor voicing the part of Crush can see the audience. He usually picks a few people out of the crowd to talk to and that particular day he chose Todd and Curt. Dude, it was, like, totally awesome!

The other favorite thing of Gran's was the food. We had the Disney Dining Plan, so we ate at more table-service restaurants than we ever have before. Some of the highlights were the Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom, Marekesh in Epcot, and the Beirgarten in Epcot. The food was fantastic at all of them, but the Yak and Yeti was probably the best.

One of MY favorite things about Marekesh in Morocco was the belly dancer inviting all of the children to join her. Jack was one of the first ones on the dance floor!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meme's Faves

Today, we have Meme's favorites. Meme is my mom, for those who don't know. This was my mom's second time at Disney and she had a great time. When I asked her what her favorite things about the vacation were, she had a hard time narrowing it down, but this is what she came up with:

Toy Story Mania. This is a new ride at Disney's Hollywood Studio. It is a 3-d ride based on the Toy Story movies and you shoot at different things, like a carnival game. It was great but has a horrendously long line, so you have get a fast-pass if you hope to get on it that day!

Mickey's Philharmagic This is the 3-d movie at the Magic Kingdom. I think there is one at every park, but this is the best! It is based on the movie Fantasia and is lots of fun.

Kilimanjaro Safaris Meme loved the Safari. You get on a big off-road type of truck and go through the "African grassland" to see animals in their environment. If the truck stops long enough, you can get some great pictures of animals up close and much better than you could in a zoo. Mom loves giraffes, so I came home with a gazillion pictures of giraffes, hoping there was at least one good one.

But, according to her, THE BEST thing about this vacation was being with the boys and watching them have fun. Isn't that just like a Meme?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Curt's Favorites

Today is Curt's turn.

One of Curt's favorite rides at Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain, was closed for renovation. He and Todd were pretty disappointed. (Just so you know, if any of you are planning a trip soon, it will be closed until Winter, 2009.) So, I guess this time his favorites were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.

Curt's favorites at Epcot are the Kim Possible missions and Mission Space. On this trip, they did the Mission Space ride without the spinning so Jack could ride along. He has done the more intense ride as well and loved it.

At Animal Kingdom his favorite ride was definitely expedition Everest. I think he and Todd rode it three times in one day. He even got a little stuffed Yeti as a souvenir.

At Hollywood Studios, his favorites were Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster. (Anyone see a theme emerging?) Curt does not have a cautious or scared bone in his body. He will ride anything anytime anywhere. It's a good thing Todd likes to ride or we would be in trouble, because I'm certainly not going to ride those rides!

I just realized that I don't have any pictures of these rides, cause I didn't ride them!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jack's Favorite Things

Well, we are back from DisneyWorld and settling back into a normal routine. I decided that I would do posts of everyone's favorite things at Disney. These are Jack's. He had two favorites at each park, so this may take awhile.

Jack's birthday was our first full day at Disney, so we let him pick which park we would visit. He chose the Magic Kingdom, which is my favorite, also. His favorites there are the Buzz Lightyear ride and It's a Small World. (He has been singing that song everyday since we got back.)

At Animal Kingdom, his favorites were the train ride to Rafiki's Planet Watch and the safari ride. He doesn't normally like Animal Kingdom (he says it smells bad), so I think it was good that he managed to find things he liked.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, his favorites were Star Tours and the new ride, Toy Story Mania. Through the kindness of a stranger, we got fast passes for Toy Story Mania, so we were able to ride it twice.

At Epcot (or, as he says, Efcot), his favorites were Mission Space and the new Kim Possible game. I have to say, the Kim Possible game is really fun. It is an interactive game using a special cell phone that is programmed with clues for a mission to save the world. We all had a good time with it. And, we saved the world.