Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is...

National Adoption Day! All over the country there have been special events marking this very special day.

There were no special events here at our house. We played, baked a cake, made homemade pizza, and had a friend come over. Just an ordinary day.

An ordinary day made possible because two young girls showed bravery beyond what I can comprehend and love that is amazing.

An ordinary day made possible because our hearts were open to God's leading and His will for our lives and for our family.

An ordinary day made possible through God's miracle called adoption.

An ordinary day spent with two extraordinary boys! Mama loves you, boys!


Camera Clicker said...

What a great post!

Jan said...

...and what an extraordinary mom and dad! You both never cease to amaze me...I'm continually grateful for your lives and your commitments to God. What blessed parents and grandparents we are!

With deep, abiding, forever love,

gadaisy said...

Girl!!! You are so awesome!!!! A great mom, wife, and role model!!! I love you and miss you tons and tons!!! My new mission??? Looking for a way to make LA closer to GA!!!!! I need you and a good bible study!!!!!