Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday...

to me!

In the interest of full disclosure (and to make Stephanie happy), I admit that today is my birthday. There will be no pictures because I feel that the ones from Monday are sufficient!

A note to Autumn:
Happy Birthday, girl! It is such fun to share this special day with you. Thanks for all of the ways you bless my life. You are the closest thing I have to a little sister! Give Pepper a hug and kiss from Nanny!


apulling said...

Aww... You make me want to cry! Zach and I say often how thankful we are for you and Todd. It's such a blessing to have yall in our lives and its awesome sharing a Birthday!

gadaisy said...

Happy Birthday my friend!!!! I hope that you have had a great day!!!!! Miss you tons and love you tons too!!!!!