Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I admit it.

I saw High School Musical 3 on opening day.

The first feature of the day.

Curt and I went as a "date". I would like to say that the whole reason I went was because he wanted to see it, but that would be fibbing. I really wanted to see it, too. We both enjoyed it. It was a good movie. It reminded me alot of "Grease" with all of the singing and dancing. Only this movie was clean and you could actually take a kid to it!

Also, (and I know I am dating myself, here) Zac Efron reminded me so much of Kevin Bacon during the "Footloose" years! Ah, fond memories of high school!


apulling said...

I am jealous! I want to see it :)

gadaisy said...

Haven't seen it yet.....sure that the fever is spreading and that we will get to the show. Even Sara Grace is excited about it!!!! Miss you girl!!! Patty