Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav is on his way

Well, it looks like we are in the direct path of Gustav. The storm should come ashore early tomorrow morning southeast of our house. We will begin to get tropical storm force winds tomorrow morning and the full force of the hurricane around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, most of it will be done by nightfall. I hate not being able to see what's coming at me!

We have a house full of people here to ride out the storm. At last count, we had 13 adults, 3 children, 4 dogs, and 4 cats. We have enough food here to stock a small grocery store. It's your typical Cajun gathering---I even made gumbo for supper.

This is what the sky looks like right now. You can tell that something is not quite right, even with the storm this far out. I have taken some pictures of the house and yard so I can post some before and after pictures. I have the computer fully charged, but the little tower for the wireless internet will probably fly off of the house sometime tomorrow. Tomorrow should be interesting!

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