Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting ready for Gustav

Anyone that has ever lived along the coast knows what it is like to prepare for a hurricane. In years past, I would make my "hurricane box" at the beginning of hurricane season (June 1st). This year I guess I was just lazy and didn't do it. But, now, with Gustav making his way toward the gulf, it was time to get it in gear. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my supplies. It was a madhouse!!! As fast as the employees could get things out on the shelves, people were taking them off. There were pallets of water, batteries, flashlights, and tarps out in the middle of the aisles. The person stocking the bottled water told me that this was the last of it in the stockroom, then they would be completely out of water. A lady in line behind me told me that several of the Wal-mart stores in other little towns like ours were already out of water.
The fact that they have run out of water is no big surprise. What IS a surprise is that people are getting ready this early. This hurricane is not expected to make landfall in the US until Monday or Tuesday and where it will hit is still speculation. A few years ago, most folks would have waited until two or three days ahead of time to prepare. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita changed all of that. Now, we start to pay attention early on and have a plan in mind in case it heads our way.

As you can see in the picture, I have purchased all of the necessary hurricane supplies-batteries, flashlights, water, canned food, crackers, etc. (I have never bought so much junk food all at one time!) If Gustav turns and does not head our way, I will just pack up the supplies and will be ready for the next time. And, if we are spared this hurricane season, I will unpack the box on November 1 and stock my pantry with poptarts and cookies and spaghetti-os!

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gadaisy said...

Looks like you're ready for a party....let's home you get to use all that stuff for a fun camp out this fall in the backyard and that Gustav gets lost on the way to LA!!!