Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adoption class

We had our first adoption/foster care class Thursday night. The boys are excited about the prospect of having a little sister. Jack even told Meme that we would get two so that he and Curt could each have one! We will have to see about that.

While part of me thinks it is CRAZY to attend a class to learn about something we have already done twice, I understand the difference. Our boys were both adopted as 5 days old, and the other 3 days old. The child that we adopt next will come to us because of abuse or neglect or some type of loss. That is alot for a little one to handle. It almost overwhelms me when I think of it, but I can't not do it just because it is hard.

The class will be over at the end of September and hopefully the certification will be completed soon after that. My heart starts to pound when I think that there is a sweet little girl waiting for me somewhere. I love her already.

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gadaisy said...

It is so awesome being able to keep up with you and all of the details in this exciting process. I can't think of a better family to do guys are awesome....keep the updates coming!!!!