Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New addition

This is Daisy. She arrived Monday evening. People who know me will not be surprised that I picked Daisy up on the side of the road. They will, however, be surprised when I say that I have NEVER done that before Daisy. I passed her up on my way home Monday evening as she was walking along the highway. I had gone about a half mile before I turned around and went back for her. She was so skittish that she wouldn't come to me. I left her there and went home to the two dogs that we already have. As I unloaded the dishwasher, I could not stop thinking about her. So, I put some dog food in a ziptop bag and went back out on the highway. The lure of the food was too strong for her to resist. When she got close enough to me, I scooped her up, put her in the van and drove home. My plan was to find her a home other than my own. That plan just didn't happen---I decided to keep her. (Joni and Susan, you are off the hook for this one!) I think she will turn out to be a great lap dog (she's smaller than the cat) and has helped to even out the boy to girl ratio. AND, she fits the black and white color scheme. I'll have to explain that in future posts!

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Camera Clicker said...

Oh, true about the black and white scheme!! I hadn't even thought of that. Well, thanks for keeping her so I can be off the hook on that one! : )
We can't wait to meet Daisy in person.