Monday, July 21, 2008

Cajun Camp 08

Well, I am back from Cajun Camp. We had so much fun! We ate and laughed and talked and ate and hugged and ate and even cried a little.

We walked all over New Orleans and did all of the things that good tourists are supposed to do. We saw Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, French Market, the Mississippi River, and even Bourbon Street. We rode the streetcar down St. Charles St. and walked over to Magazine St. to do a little shopping.
Did I mention that we ate? Oh man, did we have some good food!! We had brunch at The Court of Two Sisters, beignets at Cafe' du Monde and dinner at Brennan's. We had pralines and pecan pie and cafe' au lait. Melissa even tried turtle soup and ate her first boiled crawfish.

We talked ALOT. About our kids (9 of them between the three of us!), our husbands, our selves, our walk with the Lord, and anything and everything else. We had not been together for 3 years, and there was so much to catch up on. It is wonderful to be able to get together and have the years just melt away.

We were so sorry to see it end. Plans are already underway for the next Cajun Camp. Patty and Melissa: Thanks for being my buds and being the friends and moms and wives that God has called you to be. Thanks for standing strong in your faith and in what you believe in and for holding me to the same standard. I love you both.
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


Lee said...

Sounds like it truly was as fun as Patty says. Isn't it amazing how great friends can get together after so much time and it seem as if it was only yesterday? Got a good chuckle when I saw the bed you ladies had to share the 1st couple nights...another great sign of true friendship. Thanks for taking Patty on a well deserved vacation with the girls.
Back in Augusta I am proud to say that after 4 days alone with 4 kids, no body was injured, lost, or shipped off to boarding school...that is until 1 hour after Patty got home. Oh...y'all have encouraged me to spend more time cooking!

gadaisy said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful weekend....all is well in has taken me a couple of days to rest up. I didn't realize how tired I was until yesterday!!!! Thanks for all the fun...I can't wait to see you again!!!Love you!!