Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girls' Getaway!

I am so excited!!! My tattoo girlfriends, Patty and Melissa, are going to be able to meet me for a weekend getaway in New Orleans. We met when we were all living in Augusta, GA. Our friendship was cemented through several years of Bible study together. Melissa and I have since moved away from Augusta, but the friendship remains strong. We have not seen each other since the last Cajun Camp in 2005, so we are tickled that this seems to be working out. It is a miracle that we all are able to get away from home on the same weekend. Melissa has three little ones and Patty has four, so to be able to scoot out for some fun is a BIG DEAL!! There is nothing better than being able to spend the weekend with friends who know you and love you despite all of your flaws.

A friend loves at all times...Proverbs 17:17


gadaisy said...

I can't wait for our girls weekend!!! We are going to have a blast!!! Love you!! :)

yellodaisy said...

Love the name!!

puredaisy said...

YEA!! I'm so excited about seeing you guys! What an extra blessing He's given us in this trip! Love you!