Monday, June 23, 2008

Camp and Cookies

Today Curt left for camp. He is 9 years old and this is his third summer to spend a week at camp. (Fortunately, he goes to camp about 10 miles from the house, so if there is a problem, we can be there in a flash.) He looks forward to this week all summer and it is the highlight of his summer. I think he was more excited about camp than he was about California! There was a group of 55 children and adults from our church going this week. The camp, Acadia Baptist Center, is the same camp that I went to when I was a girl. I have many fond memories of Bible study, the pool and the canteen and canoeing on the pond. And, of course, my friends, Dawn and Stephanie, and our counselor, Angie.

While Curt is at camp, it is a good opportunity for Jack to have some one on one time with mom and dad. Jack is 6 and won't be old enough for camp until next summer. He has been making a "yist" of things to do while big brother is gone. The first on the agenda was to make some cookies. He had a great time measuring the ingredients, starting the mixer, and scooping the dough. The best part of the baking, though, was eating a nice big chocolate chip cookie still warm from the oven!


Rachel said...

I have such great memories of ABC too. We never did summer camp there but we did several youth retreats there. I perfected my foosball abilities there and might have fallen out of a canoe.

Camera Clicker said...

Well, Adam and I didn't bake any cookies. He seemed to be in the "getting back into routine after great camp experience" funk.
I can't wait to get Ash tomorrow....I'm missing her something fierce!